Querying Collaboration in Artifact Production

This section foregrounds artifacts that have looked at collaborative formations that are part of the production of artifacts (whether they be books, blog posts, journal articles, theses, etc.).

The following description (drafted prior to reading the works) outlines how we were thinking about this particular research life cycle phase:

AO (July 2018): Collaboration at the level of artifact production largely entails co-authoring of various research outputs. These might be monographs or more alternative forms such as documentary films, photo essays, art pieces, etc. I have noted that one response to critiques about the power, privilege and hegemony of Western science and scholarship in the field of Information Communication Technologies for Development (ICTD) has been an increasing number of multiple authorship of papers (with representatives from the global South listed, often as second or third authors) (I have written about this briefly in this paper). This section will include discussions of some of these types of dynamics as well as the possibilities and challenges in collaborative artifact production in these contexts.

This essay is part of a broader orals document querying collaborative formations. Works were categoried under one part of the “research life cycle” as a heuristic. Sub-essays within the orals doc can be accessed directly through the following links: Research Design (Artifacts | Analysis); Data Gathering and Production (Artifacts | Analysis); Data Analysis (Artifacts | Analysis); Artifact Production (Artifacts | Analysis); Dissemination (Artifacts | Analysis); Political Practice (Artifacts | Analysis).


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