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The data in the Open Data Portal must:

  • Be able to be found by "commonly used Internet search applications" 
  • Machine readable and "platform independent" 
  • Free to the
  • ...Read more


Prior to this policy, Oakland's data portal had already been launched. This policy requires: 

  • A City Administrator must present a regulations draft about the technical requirements of
  • ...Read more

Technical Standards

Each dataset must have metadata descriptions, API documentation, and licensing requirements. 

The metadata will include fields for: title, description, tags, last update, publisher,...Read more


Within 3 months of the effecitve date, each department must appoint a Data Coordinator

Within 6 months, each department must begin conducting reviews on their progress of putting data on the...Read more

Defining Data

The policy defines Data as, "statistical or factual information in digital form which: (a) is reflected in a list, table, graph, chart, map, or database that can be digitally transmitted or...Read more

OpenJustice Data Act of 2016

I am adding this legislation to contribute to the research of open data in California. 

This legislation was introduced by Assemblymember Irwin in September 2016 and now it is in the California Codes. Read more

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