What would you say are the primary purposes of this interface? What should the design aim to achieve?

To me, hearing the term "project page" makes me think of one of two things:

1. A kind of "scratch space" where people can quickly put down evolving ideas.

2. An advertising space for the work they are doing.

I'm not sure that the current project page does either of those things. I'm assuming too what we really want is something more like #2. I think our branding of "project page" at the moment is wrong compared to what the page is.

I would say the primary purpose of the page is to drum up interest for the many really cool things that we're using PECE for, regardless of whether or not it is a grant or otherwise funded project. To that end, maybe, we can expand it--turning the metadata about a project into an important, but optional, section of the larger project page and instead really focusing on the research and work as the thing that catches your attention.

That way I could use it in the classroom, which I (selfishly) would like to do.

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