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Going forward I hope to use PECE for four different projects I’m working on: 1) The energy vulnerability project in the Mid-Atlantic, which we have now set up for; 2) My second book project on late industrialism in Philadelphia - I will continue to use the 6+ Cities Philadelphia spaces, and also my course groups to store and analyze data for this project; 3) PECE for Pedagogy is a new project that I’m looking forward to working on; and finally 4) I would be interested in using PECE for my climate change work. Right now, we have set up a public facing site at to get some of our cooked findings out into the world, as well as our workshop materials, but I’m wondering if PECE could serve as a project archive. There is additional climate change work I’m doing as well.

In the past I have mostly used PECE for storage — archiving and sharing material. Moving forward, I’m interested in using the analytics and PECE essays in a more structured and robust way. Even just using the PECE essay with Atharva Bhagwat and Skylar Ricci these past two weeks, I could easily imagine using this tool to help move my book and reports forward. Critically, however, I can’t imagine using PECE and its tools if I’m not working on a collaborative project; if I’m not trying to do analysis with others.


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