Key Terms for PECE: Searching and Analyzing Content


Tags: in accordance with our Design Logics, there are no folders in PECE. Instead content gets characterized and organized via tags. When you navigate to a tag page in PECE, you will see, in random order, a list of all content that has been tagged with that term.


Analytic: An analytic is a question designed to elicit various viewpoints about the artifact. Questions can be categorized into Structured Analytics (named sets of questions).

Annotation: Annotating an artifact involves responding to a set of shared and evolving questions that are designed to elicit various viewpoints about the artifact. In the vocabulary of literature (the humanities field most akin to our tradition of anthropology), you can think of annotating an artifact as “reading” an artifact. Each reading, performed by different individuals, produces different interpretive insights that broaden and deepen the collaborative analysis of an artifact.


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