Key Terms for PECE: Accessibility and Privacy

User roles

Administrators: administrators can approve user registrations and configure the site theme. Administrators have access to edit any artifact on the platform.

Contributors: users can login to the site, manage a profile, join groups, and contribute content to the site. They have access to content that has been designated as public or their own content that they’ve designated as private.

Researchers: Researchers are typically those individuals on a project that have been IRB-approved to view collaborative research materials. Researchers have all of the same capabilities as a contributor, except that they can also view content that has been designated as Restricted.

Anonymous Users: users can visit the site and can see any content that has been designated as public.

Collaboration Infrastructures

Project: A project designates a research project that the platform is being used to scaffold. You can use this content type to describe when a project starts and ends, its institutional affiliation, and its funding source.

Fieldsite: A fieldsite is a reference to a certain geographic location where research will be conducted. You can link artifacts to fieldsites to document where the artifact was found.

Group: groups are workspaces where several individuals can contribute content, share a field diary, write collaboratively, and publish essays.

Content Permissions

Open: the content can be seen by any of the platform’s site visitors unless the content has been given special group content restrictions.

Restricted: the content can be seen only by the platform users that have been designated as Researchers.

Private: the content can only be seen by the content’s creator.

Group permissions

Public Groups: the group will be accessible by any platform visitor. Additionally, all content associated with a public group will be public to the platform by default.

Private Groups: the group will be accessible only to group members. When not logged-in, private groups will not be listed anywhere on the platform and cannot be searched for. All content associated with a private group will be private to the group members by default.


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