AO. Jarvenpaa and Staples - discursive risks

AO: This 2000 paper by Jarvenpaa and Staples is an example of two scholars from business schools who are interested in knowledge management in the context of organizations. Their meso level of analysis is understandably particularly strong. However, they are animated by nano-level questions of understanding WHY individuals would or would not share information (with the underlying assumption that greater sharing will lead to greater organizational efficiencies and therefore greater business/profit). Despite studying the use of collaborative technologies (intranet, email list servs, etc.), they do not focus on the technologies themselves nor do they explicitly look at the practices since their main data collection method was a 12 page online survey sent to 4,000 people (of which 1,000 people responded). They also do not analyze at the macro level. Finally, they focus on collaboration technologies but in a different approach to Griffin and Hayler (2018); instead of assigning agency to the computers and machines, they focus largely on the human in the human-machine collaboration.

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