PRACTICES: What “best practices” does the analyst believe make for improved collaboration?

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August 13, 2018
  • AO: Making explicit those things that “go without saying.” (page 3). This is an example of how/why cross-disciplinary collaborations can be productive because they help to make the underlying known things explicit.

  • AO: Document and write down throughout the process of collaboration. “a central contribution of the e-mail correspondence is that it provides insight into what interdisciplinary research might look like as a “sensibility” or “disposition,” to borrow from Bourdieu. The correspondence helps explicate, then, how interdisciplinary scholars might use ethnography in a way that diverges from the way that anthropologists work, but that nevertheless pro- duces defensible and worthwhile scholarship. In fact, the utilization of ethno- graphic methods by non-anthropologists can enrich what ethnography might be, even allowing for new forms of research.” (13)

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