DATA: How does the analyst point to the data practices in the collaboration? Or to the data produced about the collaboration? Where does that data travel?

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August 13, 2018
  • AO: Their data is the email correspondence between Malkki (member of committee) and Cerwonka as she was in Australia for her fieldwork. They used the emails in a class (taught at UCI) and then decided to publish in a book. “The e-mail correspondence itself chronicles how knowl- edge is produced hermeneutically and shows how ethnographic interpreta- tion works in real time and in relation to various pragmatic, social, and eth- ical issues.” (3).

  • AO: ”The next part of this book presents the correspondence between Liisa and myself in chronological order, preceded by my original Fulbright proposal for the research project. We have kept our editing of the correspondence to a bare minimum, treating it as much as possible as a primary document.” (38)

  • AO: Cerwonka writes the intro, citing specific emails as reference (which are published throughout the book. She includes her fulbright proposal and then email correspondence between her and Malkki. They add some “afterthoughts” marked by their initials to some of the correspondences to mark different times and voices. She also includes some of her field notes.

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